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Learn why Josh Amato is the right choice for City Council

Proudly Endorsed by

Community Members & Regional Leaders


  • Our Eastside Firefighters IAFF 2878
  • Our Police King County Police Officers Guild
  • Save Sammamish

Community Leaders

  • Christie Malchow Deputy Mayor, Sammamish
  • Kent Treen Councilmember, Sammamish
  • Chris Ross Councilmember, Sammamish
  • Tom Hornish Councilmember, Sammamish (fmr)
  • Mark Baughman Chair, Planning Commission, Sammamish
  • Joyce Bottenberg Chair, Human Services Commission, Sammamish
  • Mike Bresko Commissioner, Planning Commission, Sammamish
  • Stanley K. Gunno Commissioner, Human Services Commission, Sammamish
  • Karthik Seetharaman Commissioner, Planning Commission, Sammamish
  • Mark Stuart Vice President, Lake Washington School Board

Community Members

  • Bill Bastine
  • Sally Bastine
  • Norm Bottenberg
  • Mike Brisbois
  • Kathy Engel Neighbor
  • Jerry Engel Neighbor
  • Thomas Green
  • Jim Haynes
  • Roger Hecker
  • Cheryl Hooper
  • CJ Kahler
  • Lee Keller
  • Lisa Kennedy
  • Mark Lewis Police Lieutenant (Ret)
  • Bernie Lucking
  • Benjamin Pascual
  • Wally Pereyra
  • Joseph Phillips
  • Mardie Rhodes Resident since 1996
  • Laura Rodgers
  • Claradell Shedd
  • Harry Shedd
  • Dr. Kristi Steinmetz
  • Cary Young Resident Since 1988
  • Stacey Vandell
  • Denise Wells
  • Jeanie Wight Neighbor
  • Lonny Wight Neighbor
  • Craig Williamson

Regional Leaders

  • John Hines Councilmember, Tacoma
  • Dana Ralph Mayor, Kent
  • Doug Richardson Mayor, Lakewood (fmr) & Chair, Pierce County Council (fmr)
  • Mary Robnett Prosecutor, Pierce County
  • Jason Whalen Councilmember, Lakewood
  • John Wilson Assessor, King County
  • Heidi Wills CEO, Progressive Animal Welfare Society
  • Steve Worthington Mayor Pro Tem, University Place

Titles are for identification purposes only. Organizational endorsements will be listed separately.