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Read Josh’s plan to fix the budget mess


Proudly supported by Sammamish residents, not politicians or political parties in this non-partisan race.

I’m thankful to be endorsed by residents who care about the future of our city and are willing to lend their name and credibility to my candidacy. I hope to earn your support as well. If you have any questions, please text or call me at (253) 722-9089.

Mardie Rhodes
27 Year Resident

I support Josh because he’s a collaborator who works to build bridges rather than emphasize divisions. We need more of that at all levels of government.

Lee Dirks
CEO, DigBI Consulting LLC & 8 Year Sammamish Resident

We need change and leadership in Sammamish to preserve the beauty of our city; keep us safe; and run a balanced budget. Vote for Josh!

Marilyn Guthrie
8 Year Resident

I have had the opportunity to work with Josh on various projects. His unassuming leadership style fosters productive discussion and collaboration among parties with diverse stances. My husband and I appreciate his ability to take a long term and sustainable view regarding the growth  management approach for Sammamish. 

Doug Nelson
27 Year Resident

I support Josh because he is a do-er and listens first, talks second. I have volunteered for several years with him in Sammamish Rotary. I am proud to support him for City Council. 

Zach Griffin
Sammamish YMCA Advisory Board Member

I believe Sammamish would greatly benefit from Josh’s experience, thinking, leadership and resident-centric approach to problem solving.

Clint Scott
Retired Verizon Wireless Executive

Josh Amato is the  most intelligent, energetic and thoughtful young person that I know.  He has demonstrated his passion and ability to benefit our community through his leadership on the City of Sammamish Planning Commission, PAWS and as President of the  Rotary Club of Sammamish.  

Steve Miller
30+ Year Resident

Josh is the first candidate who clearly understands that as much as my wife and I have enjoyed living in Sammamish, current tax levels may force us to leave..

Bill Bastine
Past President, Rotary

Josh is a level headed, fair and honest young man who cares about Sammamish. I have known Josh for several years, have worked side by side with him on community projects. He’s a hard worker, smart and practical.

  • Melanie Kelsey
  • Jim Radigan
  • Bill Foote
  • Patrick Husting
  • David Steele
  • Paul Patterson
  • Ben Steiner
  • Manfred Quaeck
  • Phil Gibson
  • Joyce Tomlinson
  • Darren Pritt
  • Kathi Lehr
  • Theresa Windham
  • Ram Dutt
  • Greg Calmes
  • Annie Amundsen
  • Ron Boscola
  • Jane Rogstad
  • James Haynes
  • Steve Benjamin
  • Mark Baughman
  • Harry & Claradell Shedd
  • Tom Gurr
  • Elizabeth Grayson
  • Carrie Aguirre
  • John Morel
  • Mike Glover
  • Jerry Norman
  • Jerry & Kathy Engel
  • Mary Conway
  • Karen Quick
  • Seth Elliot
  • Jon & Lori Gerace
  • Cary & Chris Young